Draft of the World Charter of Free Media

Dear all,

We are pleased to share with you the draft of the World Charter of Free Media currently under discussion and enrichment in different languages and regions of the world.

Why this initiative?

This Charter arises from the self-convened meetings of the Free Media World Forum and has three fundamental principles. First, the claim that the global system of communication is not a monopoly of economic and political powers but a right and a common good for societies and Peoples. As you know, many battles have been fought on this matter and there is a growing interest in working in collaboration, beyond borders and types of media activism. Second, civil society actors have appealed more frequently in the last fifteen years to the alternative media in their struggle for real democracy and social and environmental justice. This development creates a new situation regarding claim movements and their organization. Third, the communicational battles are already part of the great power adjustments and movements that occur at regional and global levels. It is necessary to transform the communication frameworks taking into account new issues and transnational phenomena.

Take part in mobilization and debate...

Your participation and input are key to enriching the reflections and proposals expressed in the Charter. We invite you to make your input through the online discussion platform: charte.fmml.net. You'll see that this platform allows you to add comments on the various chapters of the text (creating a user on the first connection).
The World Charter initiative emerged in 2013 after several meetings of the World Forum of Free Media (started in 2009 at the World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil). A new stage will take place during the next World Social Forum in Tunisia, in March 2015. You are invited to join this mobilization. We are committed to sharing news and elements of synthesis of the debates.

We thank you in advance for your interest in this initiative. Fraternal greetings,
The WFFM facilitation team